Euro Trash

  • About us

    Euro Trash began as an import company devoted to the unearthing of forgotten treasures and objects of beauty all over Europe. At it’s inception, Euro Trash offered the unique, interesting and one-of-a-kind finds it imported to interiors shops and designer showrooms all across the United States. The company soon expanded to include a spectrum of other services to include residential interior design, residential design-build, commercial concept and interior design, custom carpentry, project management, event design and production, personal styling and editorial styling.

    Designer and company owner, Annie Brahler started the business with a deep appreciation for the breathtaking allure in the time-worn imperfections of the past. Annie became known for her signature style and her personal philosophy that everyone can and should live well. She was prompted to expand the business to include several design-related services after her advice and insight was sought after by many of the wholesale clients she served. Euro Trash imports everything from salvaged building materials to everything vintage and antique imaginable for the home and garden, and helps clients to develop a personal, one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The Euro Trash philosophy is rooted in a passion for living in a way that embraces and celebrates the the every day aspects of daily life and elevates the mundane to something wonderful. The belief that everyone should celebrate their own personal style, and that elegant living is a mindset, is what drives the entire Euro Trash team to bring that philosophy to life.

    Euro Trash maintains a shipping warehouse located on the Dutch border of Belgium, and a 50,000 square foot inventory warehouse in Illinois. The company’s own custom carpentry and fabrication work rooms are on the premises along with the design offices. With all elements of the company located in one building, concept development and design production is realized with fluidity. The company serves both the trade in wholesale markets, and private clients and takes on small projects with the same enthusiasm as it does large. Every member of the Euro Trash team shares the joy in a job well done, and delight in that moment when a client takes in what has been created for them and makes it their own.

    The European mindset that is at the very center of the Euro Trash aesthetic; beauty is here to be enjoyed, shared, and celebrated in every aspect of life. That mindset, coupled with a drive to inspire self expression is at the very heart of Euro Trash.