Euro Trash


  • Wholesale Distribution

    Euro Trash offers the merchandise it imports wholesale, to the trade. Specializing in working with designers, and interiors shop owners, Euro Trash supplies carefully collected merchandise to the specifications of designers and professional buyers. Euro Trash ships its clients entire containers of merchandise directly procured for them in Europe as well as shipping single items and smaller shipments from the Euro Trash warehouse in the United States.

  • Interior Design

    Euro Trash owner, Annie Brahler has a passion for design that extends far past what things look like in a space. In all of her designs, Annie is known for her unwavering pursuit of what each client needs in the environment in terms of function and her commitment to marry function and style seamlessly. She likens a well done room to a ballet dancer; beautiful and fluid in to all appearances, but extremely hardworking underneath. She believes that good design should offer comfort and function, but an element she believes to be of equal importance is visual thrill. Annie’s pursuit of discovering what moves her clients is something she dedicates herself to with every project; considering what not only her clients need, but what her clients love are of paramount importance to Annie and the entire Euro Trash team.

  • Custom Carpentry

    Led by Euro Trash master craftsman, Phil Black, the Euro Trash carpentry team marries beauty and function seamlessly in every custom piece created. Euro Trash is compelled to share a passion for beautiful custom pieces that will be used and appreciated for many years.

    Protecting the original patina earned by something that has survived over many years is of paramount importance to the Euro Trash team when considering the customization of a vintage or antique piece to make it more functional. Whether stretching an antique French carved bed from a full size into a modern day king, or making vintage pieces of furniture into sturdy, beautifully functioning kitchen cabinetry, attention to detail and protecting the original look of a piece is of huge importance to the carpentry team at Euro Trash.

  • Commercial Concept and Interior Design

    Developing commercial projects together with it’s clients and helping them to create a concept and interior that will draw in a customer base is a service Euro Trash takes great pride in. Like everything Euro Trash takes on, extensive thought, research and painstaking investigation goes into the design and development of our clients initial commercial concepts. Euro Trash aids in the development and design of retail spaces, restaurants and other commercial projects.

  • Buying Trips

    Euro Trash offers customized buying trips to both private and corporate clients, tailoring each trip to meet the needs of specific clients. With a base in Holland, and ties to France and Belgium, Euro Trash offers years of relationships in the antiques and brocante world of Europe and share valued knowledge that will ensure each client has a successful buying experience whether in our warehouse in the United States, or a buying trip abroad.

  • Event Styling and Production

    Weddings, parties, and special sales promotions are designed, styled, managed, and produced by the Euro Trash team in effortless fashion. With a dedicated carpentry shop, fabricators and an extensive collection of props, and furnishings to draw upon, special events are something Euro Trash does with originality and flair that is rarely seen anywhere else. The company’s philosophy and and commitment to it’s clients are evident in every event it produces.

  • Personal Styling

    Euro Trash offers personal wardrobe styling services to it’s clients with consideration given to the fact that the wardrobe is an aesthetic and functional extension of the environment in which we live. Personal style is often something that many of the company’s clients simply do not have time to develop and maintain. The wardrobes of clients are organized, put away in a manner that makes things easy to access, pieces are then paired together in different outfits, photographed and cataloged for the client to reference. Personal shopping is also offered whether the need is for a specific event or a client wishes to update an entire wardrobe.

  • Editorial Styling

    Annie and the Euro Trash team go to great lengths in collaboration with photographers and editors in order to pull together a magazine spread that has a depth of interest while maintaining the desired look of the publication. Whether constructing an entire set or styling on location, Annie and her team pay extreme attention to detail and pride themselves on being ready for anything, and willing to work tirelessly.